It was all a dream...

I was excited to create my first clothing line, but I did not just want to create any clothing line. I wanted a line that was going to be impactful and thought provoking. Four You is just that, a line that will start the conversations, specifically the uncomfortable conversations. What are those conversations? Conversations around police brutality, conversations around stigma of mental health, conversations around marginalized groups, conversations around physical health, conversations around disabilities and so much more. In simple words, conversations people are afraid to have and address. 

I considered myself a growing philanthropist, so it was important for my work to reflect that. It was important to create a line that just didn't make a statement but also supported awareness. A percentage of the proceeds will be donate to multiple organizations that are advocating for change. Hence, the #Campaign4Change. Change is important not only for me, but for generations coming after me. I want a world where all is love, where you are able to be who you are without a judgment, where violence is no resort, where there is no such thing as a minority or majority. A world where people are seen as humans first and never for the color of their skin, their language, or their culture.

The opening line includes pieces dedicated to Black Lives Matter Movement and Mental Health awareness, two causes so close to home. Being a black woman, it was a necessity that I supported my community first as we are usually supported last if not at all. As a black woman who suffers from an anxiety and who is one the first in the family to be open about her disorder, erasing mental health stigmas and raising awareness was also at the forefront of change for me. The two organizations for my first collection will be supporting, are Campaign Zero, an organization dedicated to police solutions around police brutality and The Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation, an organization dedicated to getting rid of the stigma around mental health in the African-American community. 

I cannot wait to see my pieces and the right conversations happening because of my pieces.

On that note...